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    So i just finished farming for my first set of keys, and the plan for the machine. So i decided it should be a test run, so i kept it at MP2, (i normally farm on 3-5) cause I didn't know how hard the fight was gonna be. I open the portal, and it is the "Realm of Turmoil". Heard alot on the forum that this should be the hardest, but i managed to nail them both fairly easy, only with kulle being the mayor pain in the A**.
    But to my suprise after killing kulle, the "Vengeful Eye" drop, which makes me kindda happy as this was just gonna be a first test, and the farming took a lot of time, as luck wasn't my best attribute.
    Ohh, and i play as an barbarian.

    So, to continue the discustion.
    How lucky have you been when farming keys?
    What Mp lvl do you run on?
    How was your first attempt on the ubers?

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    My experience as far as keys go Act 1 and 2 I get relatively easily it seems on MP 3 or 4, which is generally what I farm around. Solo it's MP3 though. Farmed those the least probably gotten one every other time I killed the Keywarden in Act 1 and Act 2 just about every time I stop in there I get one.

    Act 3 is a completely different story I'm generally playing solo so it's usually MP 3 and I hardly ever get a key. Always seems like I got a stock of the other two keys and I'm just trying to get infernal machines. I have farmed Act 3 more for keys than any other act.

    Got the plans first drop though. My first time doing Ubers was on MP 4 with 2 other people. Got an organ in every portal and got my first ring all in my first run of the portals. Haven't seen an organ since though, haven't done Ubers a lot though. Just a few times.
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    I've been kinda unlucky. Did 6 runs total on MP6 (3 each realm) and 2 other runs on MP4 (by myself). Got only 2 organs so far :fret:

    Gotta farm keys again, though :) but only after I'm done playing DotA 2's Diretide Halloween Mode :D so freaking good!
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    First run through got all the keys on the first try, plan on the first try, and when all three portals were simultaneously open, got all the mats on the first try.

    Hellfire Ring... Not so awesome on the first try.

    Ever since then, it's been on and off for the last 20 or so runs. Random luck, random drops. Bad Hellfire Rings all the time. But I managed to get a SoJ, two Oculus, a Flying Dragon, a Triumvirate, a Hellrack, a Stormcrow, and a bad Lacuni's off the ubers in the process though.

    Oh, wizzie usually on MP5-8.
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