Bias in class loot, anyone?

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    Hello all. This one has been bothering for quite some time.

    TLDR: In your experience, do you get more class specific loot for other classes than your main class?

    I have been playing a Witch Doctor for some 400 hours since launch. I've never had a properly rolled ceremonial knife above five-six hundred dps drop, and I'm "ok" with that. Loot rolls are very poor for all, but at least the loot is huge in amount to compensate. On the other hand, I've gotten tons of nicely rolled items specific to other classes.

    Onward to question. What's up with so very few class-specific items dropping? Is it just that mojos and knifes drop very rarely compared to mighty weapons, wands, crossbows et cetera?

    I do get why this would be implemented since it promotes trading and the auction houses, it's a clever idea. Note this is not a whine or anything, simply an observation. It's just really starting to get to me since I don't use the auction houses for progressing my gear.

    Thanks for any input, very curious to hear if other classes have experience this or if maybe Blizzard has spoken on the topic at one time or another.
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    Yep same here, I get a kurastian asp like every 1000 rares, and a veil piercer every 500 rares (raw estimate), while every second drop is a monk item.
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    barb here, i very rarely get class specific items except quivers and fist weapons
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    oher classes for sure.

    when running with my monk i get wiz items, when with my wiz i keep getting dex/ bows ect
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    Doesnt matter on wich class I play, I always get mainly the same items, Quivers, Xbows, Fist weapons. - RNG is RNG
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    I agree with this, it is an interesting observation.

    I do tend to find Other classes (I Play Demon hunter) spesific gear much more frequently then I find gear for myself. I wish i didn't feel comppelled to use the ah as much as I did but I think i have only gotten a handfull of actual gear upgrades for myself, which diminishes the attachment and satisfaction of earning my own gear.
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