Idea: Glowy Appearance for a Full Set

Poll: Would you like to have a Unique/Glowy appearance to your charact

Glowy Full Sets

Would you like to have a Unique/Glowy appearance to your charact - Single Choice

  • Yes please! 40%
  • No 10%
  • Sounds like a cool idea, eventhough it ain't that big of a deal 50%
  • I don't care 0%
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    So I've been thinking about it and.. Wouldn't it be cool to have your character have a unique/glowy appearance ingame if you wear a Full Set, just like in Diablo 2 ?

    I mean, it would be pretty sweet seeing your character glow and have a different appearance, reminding you and others what you've "Been Through" to acquire your items... Be it buying on the AH or grinding forever...

    I remember it being extremely awesome having your character glow in Diablo 2, it then felt as if you have succeeded your quest in Sanctuary and became a Real hero... Hahah, damn nerdgasm.

    Let me know what you think, eventhough it's not THAT big of a deal it would still bring nostalgic memories from D2 in my opinion.

    If you don't know what "Glowy/Unique Appearance" I am talking about, here is a screenshot of a character wearing full Tal Rasha Set in D2:
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    I like the idea of each set piece having an individual effect, but I didn't really enjoy the whole set giving that character glow in D2.

    I'm aware that I'm probably a minority on this one, though ;)
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    I voted "Sounds like a cool idea, even though it ain't that big of a deal", because (a) I think it sounds like a cool idea, but (b) I don't expect to ever have a full set of anything (never did in D2, except that low-level one, Sigon's?) so I don't expect I'd ever see it in action even if it was implemented. :D
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