BUG? Prices go crazy in Auction House

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    Does anyone know, why prices go crazy in Commodity Auction House from time to time?

    As I check the prices quite frequently, I see the 'Average Last Day of Trades' often shows 3 times higher prices for some items than it really was, and sometimes the 'Buyout' and the 'Average Last 10 Trades' show insane amount too. You can not put any items on for sale and you can not buyout. Usually after this, the AH servers go down for a short maintenance. ;)

    Is this a bug Blizzard unable to sort out in the last 2 month or what? Quite depressing...
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    I noticed that every time I click on a commodity item, the prices change. Even between a few seconds, it can change drastically.
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    I've not noticed it myself, but it may be due to however they are caching/making more efficient so it doesn't break everything the prices. If it takes a sample of sales in the past 24 hours, instead of all of them, or something, that might explain it. Seems odd though, I'm just guessing.
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    The prices change in commodity AH, thats fine, as a lot of ppl buying/selling items. But is it too hard for Blizzard to make the whole system stable? And if it happens in the gold AH, that's acceptable, but in the RMAH... And sometimes there is a low bid on your item, and the system goes down, and you are just sitting at the desk thinking wtf will happen with your deserved money. Now thats a big issue.
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    yes, the prices are calculated in wrong way I have the feeling too. that goes for the gold auction house in my case. (eu)

    I was checking the prices for emeralds (stars) and usually the price was around 670-705k if buying them... it was never more, just a bit less for a few hours... As I was checking this for the last 3 weeks the price was slowly going down to ~665k, yet the ah kept telling me that the last auctions average price was ~2kk gold. that is like lots of people paying for a set of 3 stars, but it is not the price that a single emerald would cost.
    Shouldn't the price show the cost for a single emerald - especially if I'm only looking for an amount of 1 emerald? As I have to specify the amount the cost shown should be adapted, I think, even if this is the mean value things sold for...
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    Blizzard really should fix this existing bug, cause it's very annoying. And it happens only with a couple of items, others are ok. And AH is where they want to make real profit.

    Have anyone seen this happen on RMAH?
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