What would make you buy an expansion?

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    Too early to put a intelligent thought into this thread... wait until patch 1.1 + comes in, a lot of changes people want will be added in these patches. Wait a few months then create threads like this.
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    another act for example.
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    rune words, ubers.
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    Quote from ruksak

    What would make you buy an expansion?

    One being released.

    ^^ This!
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    if it was in the store and it said 'diablo 3 expansion'
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    200+ hours of game play logged and I am still enjoying the game. I would pre-order the expansion as soon as it is made available to.

    Adding more gems like diamond and skulls (of which they took out) would be cool though.
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    Interesting gems. Putting stats on gems was a bad idea, compounded by the ridiculous cost of high-level gems and the fact that sockets eat a mod-slot.

    Vanity pets (some attached to achievements whynot).

    Fix the pre-release banner-system and get it back into the game. I WANT TO SHOW OFF, DAMMIT!

    Infinite dungeon with one-way doors between levels and slowly increasing difficultly and drop-rates. If Blizzard added this, I would insist that they take my money. MAKE IT SO!
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    I've got enough time and enjoyment out of the game to probably justify buying a expansion pack. Now if I spend 50$ on a expansion and only get another 10 hours of enjoyment or something I'll be a little let down but I still want to see where the plot goes and some interesting new systems, mechanics and possibly a new class a expansion would bring.
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    Quote from ruksak

    What would make you buy an expansion?

    One being released.

    This. With the slight caveat that it has to at least do more than add another map. So...on par with any of Blizzard's other expansions, and I'll be happy.

    Quote from AudioCG

    Quote from lorien1973

    I have yet to do anything on the RMAH other then SELL items. Me making money while having fun is quite a nice bonus.

    Yes, but what the RMAH has done is pushed the item curve forward; which has let people finish inferno -way- faster than intended. The side effect of this is; is that other see it being done and feel like they have to buy items as well to complete it; so they do. Then the predominant advice on forums for progression is "buy xxxx items at the Auction House." Read this site, or any other fan site. Does anyone ever say, "hey farm for this type of item?" Nah, cuz it's readily available on the AH with no effort at all.

    So, what the AH has done is taken away the investment of time and "effort" for quick reward - at a price. While I could launch into a "this is the problem with the world today" rant; it is a problem for this game. People "claimed" to love the item hunt in D2 for perfect items. Apparently, this was a lie, because they've abandoned the item hunt for the Auction House search function. Which they've found far more enjoyable.

    So this "problem" didn't exist for around a decade in D2?

    Because it did, in fact, its the ENTIRE reason Blizzard put the AH's in the game in the first place.

    People have been powerleveling/glitching to 80 in a day and using FG on D2jsp for many, many years in D2.

    It did not seem to hurt the longevity in that game in the slightest....... (if THAT is not a clear indicator for the effect such a marketplace has on a Diablo game, I don't know what is.)

    But..But...it wasn't a Blizzard approved feature and...shady sites...and greedy corporations!

    I've never really been able to understand the argument against the RMAH/AH ruining the game, as it's a personal choice whether or not to use it. Oh well, it clearly didn't have a large impact on sales.

    Quote from Findulidas

    Quote from AudioCG

    Quote from Andarus

    Quote from AudioCG

    Quote from Tinyhell

    Quote from Andarus

    Removing the AH

    The AH must die for Diablo to live.

    Actually, if the RMAH makes money, that would utterly guarantee multiple expansions, it would seem that the exact opposite would be the case.

    Thats why D3 will never be fun...

    D3 is already fun.

    I have yet to do anything on the RMAH other then SELL items. Me making money while having fun is quite a nice bonus.

    Just ignore that guy whining about the ah. I get the feeling he trolling all the time anyway.

    At least this time the post can be construed as being actually part of the thread, instead of the usual completely off topic whine about the game.

    I'd view it as potential improvement, but it's not. It was just an opportunity to troll while actually on topic for once.
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    The current game not sucking. I won't pay for something they should be fixing for free. An expansion should be for NEW stuff not fixing busted shit.
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    I may consider buying an expansion if they fixed the game before it comes out with a patch and the expansion added actual content (rather than the content that they cut probably just to add it later for the first expansion, like the Mystic, Runes, Gems, and PvP and a story that's actually good)
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    Anything. I've got too much time and money to burn.
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