1.03 Issues

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    Short and simple.

    - Repair Cost is exaggerated.
    - Nerfing all destructible objects and chests. Exaggerated. Nerfed without a solution.
    - Repair cost by opening chests / destructible objects is just retarded.
    - Broken affix combinations
    - 10 seconds timer to hit an elite before it gets to 100% hp. Exaggerated.
    - 50% and sometimes more than 50% nerf to IAS. 30%-40% would be better nerf.
    - Nerfed bosses loot. So epic battle for trash loot, sounds about right.

    Do you agree?

    IMO, a good word to describe this patch: Exaggerated
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    The hardcore players and the gold farmers destroyed this game, now it became unplayable for me and other casual players because it takes forever to find good playable stuff, and this nonsense farming is just plain stupid. This game will lost 99% of it population in one year or even more
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