When, where and how to start farming?

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    I just turned lvl50 and entered Act1/Hell. I read a lot about farming, usually in Act1/Inferno.

    I'm familiar with the concept of farming or grinding from WOW to amass mats and gold, but the method and purpose here seems different.

    Does it make sense to start farming now or only when legendaries are available? The purpose of farming, of course, is to amass gold and/or lengendaries, right? And the way to farm is to avoid completing the final quest of any instance? So, as an example, you farm for Kulle's body, but never actually retrieve it until you're ready to move on, right? Or you go after Magda, but never actually confront her? Do rare elites respawn if you enter an instance after completing it?

    I guess you can tell, I'm about as noob about this subject as can be. If someone could provide a short strat on how and when, it would be appreciated.
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    You don't need to avoid completing anything. You can repeat any quest from the login menu. You just play the game normally. Then the next time you play you either pick up from where you left off, or you click Choose Quest and pick a quest you've already completed and then replay that quest, sort of like you might choose to replay End Time or Well of Eternity for the 100th time. Blizzard mostly wants people to focus on playing full sections of the game "normally" rather than just playing one five-minute stretch of the game over and over again but you can do that too by starting a game at a certain quest, running somewhere, killing stuff, logging out, and then starting a new game at the same quest.
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    farming is done when needed, most times you already have hit 60 and are in act3hell or higher
    most commonly you start a quest from mainmenu where you just have to kill a boss (like kill siegebreaker in act III), kill elite until you get 5 stacks of nephalem valor (you get these only if you are lv60), and kill the boss, exit the game and repeat until you get good items to wear or sell.

    in 1.0.3 it could happen that its more profitable to run complete acts, nobody knows.
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    Thanks, guys! I just looked at my quest log, and of course, since I just got here, I only have the one quest in Hell. But if I went back to Nightmare level and went after Belial, would I lose all the progress I've made --- there is a warning to that effect? Obviously, it's not something I want to experiment with --- lol!
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    if you go back to an earlier quest, you can always leave the game and change the quest to another (a more recently one if you want)
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    Don't bother farming until you hit level 60. Nephalem Valor gives 75% Magic find, 75% gold find, AND guarantees you two rares off a boss. Without it you get literally get squat for the time you spend.

    Just focus on hitting level 60; if your gear is too weak then use the money you accumulated to buy better gear. If you can't afford it just run previous quests over and over to level up.
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    Also, the purpose of farming is not to get legendaries. It's to ensure a steady source of gold income (usually 200-250K an hour if you do 20 min Imprisoned angel/butcher runs with decent gold finder gear), along with 5-6 chances at "gambling" unidenfied rares that might hit you the jackpot/s. Legendaries and set pieces are just bonuses along the way if you are lucky enough to get them.
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    I got it!!! Thanks again!
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