[Inferno] Siegebreaker solo.. NAKED! With Sygo

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    Whelp! Thanks to Tyrael for being such a nice dps :) Anyways, to anyone struggling with this guy, here's a way that works! Please go check out my video, and if you haven't already, you can go watch the way I farm unicorn lvl, for tips (As a Wizard) here: http://www.diablofan...s-wizardranged/
    Also, I'm pretty sure this can be done as any class, if there is a demand, I will give it a try as Monk since I have a lvl 60 Monk now.

    A thing to note, there is no commentary in this video, as I have just started making videos and I need to try out the different things in gaming videos (My unicorn-lvl video has commentary). There is music however!

    Here you go:

    Feel free to leave a comment on the video or in this thread! And if you liked the video, be sure to subscribe for more :)
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