Itemization and Drop Rates have got me down.

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    Wouldn't it be great if eveyone was going for the exact same items because there was a pre-defined best?

    what people fail to realize is that that is what we do in this system , maybe we dont go for the same items in terms of stats ... or maybe we do that as well but we definitely go for the same items with looks. The Archon's tier - archon's helm, spaulders, gloves etc. Also we go for same weapons - Revenant bows, Hellion Crossbows, Warlord swords etc. If there were few good legendaries u could decide u want this set or this with that weapon or the other one, that would create more variety.
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    Remember, Diablo 2 didn't have an auction house, uniques are a lot more accessible because of that, raising the drop rate would just make things worst in my opinion.
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    Quote from pernunz

    Wouldn't it be great if eveyone was going for the exact same items because there was a pre-defined best?

    No. I like the system. Sure, I've only got a couple of legendaries (one was in a chest in the first part of Act 1, and the other was off a random monster) and 2 (of the same) Blacksmith plans, but I like the system.

    I especially like legendaries/set items having random properties.

    So ironic, yet so oblivious.
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    they need to bring back Sigons set for low levels or something cause in D2 you would really get through the lower levels with that set it was awesome. for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
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    I think the problem is that you can't actually find items that will help you progress, Act 1 Inferno items will not let you survive Act II Inferno, same for Act II. You either need a friend to rush you or farm gold for weeks. Seems pretty boring compared to doing nightmare runs to gear up for hell, then doing andy runs in hell to gear up for act2, etc.
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    drop rate isn't that bad imo but the quality needs to be that even ilvl60 uniques are better than ilvl 63 blues, in other words make every unique item that drops overpowered and all around awesome, maybe even add some affixes like xx% chance to activate x skill when hit, reduce cooldowns by xx% or summon x monster when you crit, weapons that fear or knockback....etc this way they act different and are truly unique
    i want to jump in joy when a set item or a legendary drops because they are a guranteed to be awesome (of course unless you are really unlucky and the drop was a low level legendary)
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    They listened to us.

    We wanted Rares to be the best possible items.

    But there is NOTHING before that...

    (And I'm starting to agree, that the AH was a bad idea)

    You can get items quickly but...
    You'll just see a better one up that you could afford a day later...
    You'll never know if there was a better one at a cheaper price...
    Yada yada...
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