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    Hello everyone,

    Iv'e been a wow player for years, and I really like the AH design in WOW.
    On the other hand, Iv'e been a diablo 3 player for .... well you know... Since the night it got released - AND, I really hate the AH in diablo...

    My main problem is not being able to see my own items or compare between items easily because you can only see one or two at a time.

    Any how I wrote this app which help me get by, If it helps you as well - feel free to use / improve / distribute it.

    Features: (Current Version is V1.4) - Download Link in the Changelog.
    1. 1 File application, No install needed, not left overs if deleted.
    2. Application auto-scans for diablo III screenshot folder
    3. Starts maximized on the 2nd monitor if you have one.
    4. Hides itself if diablo III is not running, Shows itself again if you restart diablo.
    5. Deletes old screenshots as 400mb of screenshots was bugging me.

    • Changed Icon
    • Changed Title
    • AutoHide / AutoShow when diablo is opened / closed.
    • Delete old screenshots automatically, since I tend to use them a lot, it started to be annoying to have 400mb of screenshots. So only 3 or 4 last screenshots are left.
    • Sort by date created and not filename.
    • When app is hidden, scan interval is 5 seconsd, so please allow it some time to show after you start diablo. (max 5 sec.)
    • Pop directory dialog if screenshots folder isn't found in expected location.
    • Detect low memory exceptions and hide them.
    • Change from Image.FromFile to Image.FromStream to save memory.
    • Able to recover from folder with no files.
    • Minor change, added V1.2 to open the images for Read and not ReadWrite.
    • Not uploading source for this super minor change.
    To use the source code to compile your own project, extract the 7z file to a directory,
    double click on the ".sln" file, Visual studio (which must be pre-installed) will start with the project ready for coding / compiling.
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    Cool! A downloadable exe file from a 1st time poster!

    I can't wait to download this mysterious file and hope I'm not being fucked.
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    Hah! :D
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    Quote from ruksak

    Cool! A downloadable exe file from a 1st time poster!

    I can't wait to download this mysterious file and hope I'm not being fucked.

    A sensible post. I'd be careful if I was you.
    I supplied the source code for the App, so anyone can see exactly what it does, C# is almost plain English, if you open the code you can really read it. I chose easy names for variables and methods as well.

    Anyhow Ruksak, I edited 2 posts with my Account on Mobile phone websites to clearly show you I have a long history of kind and helpful posting.

    talk.maemo.org, where Iv'e been idle since I bought Android - Search for your name in the 1st post.
    I am eitama :) http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=720401#post720401
    And on xda-developers : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1081494
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    A new version was posted in the first post,
    For any of you scarred people, I'll be uploading a video very soon so you can see how I really use this app
    and what it really does.
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