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    Hello Community.

    So recently I cleared Hell on my level 60 Barbarian, as I know how hard inferno is, I want to farm before starting to progress it.

    I haven't been able to find any updated farming methods, on how to farm gear which is easy and accessable to sell on the action house.

    I tried to watch a few streams, people farming inferno, however all the farm is being done in Act IV@Inferno, which I'm not able to make at this point.

    Anyone who would mind sending a link how to farm the money and gear using the action house? I could use some methods on farming Inferno Act 1 as well as Hell act IV, if it's the case that Hell act IV, is faster and same gear.

    I really hope you could assist me with this issue as well as other people on the forum, looking for the same topic!

    Best regards.
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    Act 1 of inferno is very easy to farm, and there's no secret to it, whenever you want to farm just start on the second quest and complete the quests as you normally would, but make sure to explore every inch of every map/dungeon so that you have 5 stacks of the valor buff before you take on the skeleton king (who is still very easy in inferno). That should give you around 7-8 rares and 80k gold each time you run it. If you have time you can continue on with the buff until you get to the butcher, who is still fairly simple but he hits like a truck if you're a squishy wizard like me. In all, farming act 1 should give you at LEAST 12 rares and 140k gold.
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