That could stop whining (just some random thoughts)

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    Well hello there, fellow Diablo players.
    I play with 3 chars (well, solo WD, barb with my friend, Wiz when playing with him and a friend of ours), just hit nightmare. I've got a lot of work to do, so I dont have much time to play. What I have got is time to read forums.

    And whining. Lots of it.

    I love Diablo, even though my first game was Sacred (quite good diablo-clone from...uh...2004?), and ever since that time I was waiting for D3 to come.
    This game is great, I'm enjoying it.

    But actually - I can understand some part of people's whining.
    What was Blizzard trying to do is synthesize replayability for D3.
    Back then, what do we have in WoW? Pretty much static bosses with static loot and lots of activities for literally everybody (trust me, played WoW casually from time to time for 6 years, did raids though).

    What do we have in D3? Well, we have to face that brick wall of Inferno.
    We have to farm packs that are harder than Diablo itself to be able to farm another packs for better loot. Well, that's the plan, actually Blizzard did say that gearing is the main goal of the game.

    But what I hope they realize but just dont post about - is that lots of people want just a little bit more.
    Dungeons are smaller than D2, mystery is...I don't know, a bit bleaker, and 4 acts are short even though we have 4 difficulties.

    Here's some random thoughts of what could really calm people down:
    - Make damn bosses harder. That's obvious. We don't want elites nerfed. We want the bosses to tear us apart if elites do so.
    - New content every 4-6 months or so would be great. I mean, like, new small location with one or two randomized (of course) dungeons, mix of old mobs and few new types, revamped landscape (bright oasis? desert at night? jungle?), that's it.
    - we are all waiting for pvp. new arenas and even some kind of PvPvE events would be...interesting.

    That's it, not much of invention, right?
    I just hope Blizzard won't sit on their small hotfixes and "You just dont get the point of the game. Live with that" blue posts.
    Keep doing great job there! We don't want you to add you as much new content as you do to WoW. We'd just love something new few times a year.

    Thatks for reading my post, and sorry for bad english (not my native language).
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    I didn't read. But seems interesting
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    Quote from Maerlimi

    I didn't read. But seems interesting

    LOL :D
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    They will not keep adding content to the game as you suggest. Stated multiple times by blues. This is not an mmo with a monthly subscription, what you buy is what you get. (apart from the pvp that wasn't ready on release, and the balance patches and bug fixes)

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    I agree that maybe adding new events that can happen randomly, would be kinda cool. Also, it would have been nice for bosses to get additional attacks and skills in Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties (kinda like how the heroic raid bosses in wow do things they dont do in normal version). But alas, we didnt get that.

    Im not a PvP fan, so for me, Im not in any rush to get ahold of that content, but I know many here cant wait.

    Maybe increase the drop chances for the higher end items (Im looking at you Lv60 Legendaries lol !), or perhaps make it so that, say if Im playing a WD, then when a rare drops, I have a better chance for it to be a WD related item.

    All thats holding me back from Inferno is gear. I can tear thru Act IV Hell pretty much and trying my best to farm, but the drops simply arent coming, even with 5 stacks of NV :QQ:

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