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    I've been doing some statistics back in the beta about gold drops and now that I've seen the full game I've formulated a theory on how gold balance works.
    It's pretty simple actually, quite a bit different from how diablo 1 and 2 did it, but makes a lot of sense given the auction house and real money aspects of the game.

    I think gold drops aren't balanced monster by monster, but on a much higher level, possibly even act by act. What I've seen in the beta is that gold drop ratios are perfectly linear. This means no matter how fast you go or how many monsters you kill, you only get a fixed amount of gold in a given time.
    If you've ever blasted 20+ monsters with a single shot and wondered why they only dropped 3 small piles of gold - this is why.

    This is actually interesting from a class balance aspect as well - it makes all the classes equal when it comes to gold farming. The only two ways to increase your gold income (from gold drops) is by using +gold % items or going into a higher end area of the game.

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    Quote from BoyC


    Thanks for that. I wasn't sure what I should be doing on a discussion board.

    If your formula is true, then I wonder if MF loot works the same way.
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    hmm don't think this is right.

    my friend and i have been playing since launch, at the exact same times for exactly the same amount of time.

    he has about 200k more gold pickups then i do, while we both pick up every single golddrop we see.... sure if there is a few k diffrence there..but 200k is alot of gold...
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    NeoPhyte: any difference in gold drop % items on you guys?
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