Achivement bug

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    We are 2 people leveling toughter and we both have this problem that we none achivement can get, we have also tryed playing solo and we still dont get any achivement, it all achivment also the " you have reached level 10, 20, 30 and so on "

    Anyone else know of this issune and maybe know what to do ?

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    I've noticed that I'm getting achievements, but not getting the notifications for them.

    Can't find a setting that changes this.
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    Dunno about that, but I just had all mine completely wiped out when i logged out cause of an error preventing me from joining / making games.
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    The problem is here that i dont get them either, no notifcationers, and no achivement, i only got that i've played the Beta, and then i reloged i got that i equpided an Rare item and i dont get any more..
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    I'm getting some achievements, and some not. I'm in Act II and it says I didn't kill the SK, but I have other achievements like the looting gold one.
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    I had the same problem. It seemed that our entire game was bugged. No achievements for anyone. When I created a new game the day after (today) I was able to get achievements again.

    The funny thing is, I have the achievement for leveling the Blacksmith up, but not the achievement for meeting up with him lol >,>...
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