I Can't Effin Wait!

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    So, I am sitting here with my gf (who is also stoked for D3, even more so after seeing the info from Jay about Inferno mode; apparently her goal is to kill me millions of times over "för att du suger" in her words....women >.>) and the thought came into my head as I checked my D3 release widget thing: "I CANT F**KIN WAIT!!"

    I don't think I have ever been this excited about anything. Ever. I truly feel that at this point, there is no way I can be disappointed, and after having played the beta for months and months, I *still* loved every second of it, and the full game? I will be at a loss for words to describe my utter and complete, almost erotic, love for it.

    I realise that this might not be so interesting for most people, but, I felt I had to share with my fellow DFans, simply because I feel my excitement cannot grow, yet I know it will.

    Peace to you all, and may the hours until release pass swiftly and without spoilers!

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    hahah, that's awesome. I promise you, brother, I can relate :)
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    I can't wait either! I've spent god knows how many hours writing stories for Diablo and now I'm dreaming of it every night and I just can't take it anymore XD It feels like when men get a prolonged (you can guess). Been so long that it HURTS.
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    Woop! I am not alone! :D:D Hahaha definitely CorDa ;) Come 11pm GMT Monday 14th I will most likely cover my entire room in massive amounts of Diablo related spooge. Awesome.

    EDIT: Yea Dto she is swedish, I'm not tho :) English, learned it for her.
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    Luckily for me there's this IIHF Hockey championship going on now and I have a lot of beer to drink.
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    Well we have been filling the time with long walks, exercise, playing various PC games (Sims 3, showtime, CoD MW1/2/3, Skyrim, etc.) playing with my chocolate lab (Cadbury <3) and watching the complete Vampire Diaries series (much much much better than I thought it would be, despite the lead female being a complete and utter twat). It's a semi-effective method for passing the hours between now and release.

    That being said, I have watched my Widget count down from 62 days until just 6 days and 9 hours now, so the time will pass fast, even if it doesnt feel like it sometimes.
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    I feel the same. It's even worse then waiting on skyrim :D
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    I feel the same and the worst thing is that the only thing that could have taken abit of my attention of Diablo - the world snooker championship started sooner than I expected and final was yesterday...
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    Well Blizz have cetrainly made us wait. One thing bothers me though. Diablo boxes have arrived everywhere around the world almost like a week ago, which means that launch date could have been sooner!
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    Quote from zerObit

    apparently her goal is to kill me millions of times over "för att du suger" in her words....women >.>)

    Reminds me of my gf, yesterday she expressed her goal of grabbing all good drops. She used to do this in D2, grabbing unique swords with her sorc in front of my barb (I'm slow). Somehow she found this hillarious. And then I told her about individual loot drops :D

    But yeah, I can hardly wait either. Longest week ever!
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    Meh, I bought Tera few days ago, it keeps me occupied and the time goes faster :)
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    +1 for enthousiasm! I feel you! It's so much fun to see other great fans who are absolutly stoked for this game and been waiting patiently for years. See you on the slaughering-grounds! :)
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    I literally just got off the phone with my boyfriend about how excited we are for this game to come out! Even more excited that he's going to play with me!!! :D YAY!!! He doesn't really play MMOs (even though I don't consider D3 an MMO, but with b.net - it sort of qualifies) so the closest we've come to playing with each other in a game is sitting in the living room on separate tvs/consoles playing Skyrim and Mass Effect 3
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