Hardcore - a lot different?

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    I never played hardcore in D2 (maybe I was just a wuss and couldn’t think about losing my character) but what Im reading on forum is that in D2 in a lot of cases it was:

    - spamming potions like crazy to save ur life and survive
    - hit ESC key as fast as possible and prey for the server not to register last few hits so you survive

    Now in D3 we can’t spam potions and we have a cool down on ESC :) what do you guys think about this? Did Hardcore just became Super HC? SHC? :D

    and hmm Hardcore in Inferno? that’s like Mega Super Hardcore... :) well let’s say I’m not that hardcore after all but I will try it :D
    !! Die Maggot !!
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    I think that HC players will excel later in the game because they have to be that much more careful, unlike the D2 scenarios you described. It's going to take strategy, patience, and prayer so that you don't lag out.
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