Usability in D3 - Good or Bad?

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    Personally, Usability has a high value proposition to me, as I do both measurements and designing within this given area for a living.

    As I havn't been given the chance to play the D3 Beta myself, I don't find myself viable to actually measure the Usability of the game based on the gameplay videos.

    For that reason, I am very much interested in getting to know your experiences concerning the currently on-going beta.

    The Usability Approach

    Blizzard have at a few instances mentioned Usability themselves, to optimize our gaming experience in the end. From my personal point of view D2 was certainly a result of an "ease of use" approach compared to its predecessor.

    Furthermore, looking at D3, the skill tree is (among other parts) most certainly a product of Usability optimization, as (for instance) the tool tip for each given skill has been simplified, and it is a possibility always to change your skills on the go.

    Thoughts and opinions

    Personally, I like the idea of the "ease of use" from an user-point of perspective, but I am wondering whether or not it has an actual negative influence on the game (be it directly or indirectly), seeing a lot of people have mentioned the game has become too simple compared to its predecessors.
    I am although aware in this matter, that Blizzard themselves have stated that the first part of the first act (which the beta consists of) is of a simple nature, to let the user get used to the system.

    Taking the statements as stated above into account, what are your thoughts based on Usability aspects in D3?

    1) Do you think it has an impact directly on the game, making it too simple?
    2) Do you think it makes the game more bearable and enjoyable, as the user is taken more into account?
    3) Have you already experienced problems Usability-wise which either annoyed you or frustrated you?

    The questions above are simply inspiration, and you are welcome to discuss other things in this matter as well.

    Thanks in advance for a constructive and informative debate.
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