[Beta delay] Demon hunter test

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    Hi there,

    While playing on the Demon Hunter i noticed that the weapons aimed to the old direction, where the character was standing in, while i aim to an other side when shooting.

    I made a small vid: http://youtu.be/s6mrGmBBjyA

    Can this be server delay or is it rly a bug?
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    Is this only the case for the rapid fire? If it is, then I think it's because RF is a channeling spell, so when you start it, you are set in channeling state, and only shoot soon after that, and it's more like a delay in game mechanic, rather than lag.
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    This is a case where they want the animation to be as fluid as possible, but the gameplay is the bottom line. So, the responsiveness of shooting is close to immediate and the animation is slightly behind. When you're hackin' and slashin' it's hardly noticable.
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    I noticed it when i saw a group behind me and turned to shoot with rapid fire.

    @ferrarista: it's only with rapid fire at this point
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    I don't see the issue.
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