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Barbarian: Bastion's Keep (141 Viewing)

Enter the stronghold of the Children of Bul'Kathos.
I collected 3pieces from ...
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Crusader: The Church of Zakarum (227 Viewing)

Only wrath will cleanse your soul.
cant go above expert
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Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands (133 Viewing)

Converge with other sworn enemies of the Burning Hells.
How do 2x 1Handed crossbo...
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Monk: The Inner Sanctuary (134 Viewing)

Power comes from within.
How to bring the damages,...
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Witch Doctor: The Mbwiru Eikura (102 Viewing)

Step into the Ghost Trance to commune with fellow tribesmen.
Any Advice - pet doctor
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Wizard: The Ancient Repositories (182 Viewing)

Arcane knowledge lies waiting inside...
Spec/gear help requested!...
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