Returning Wizard, Need a little help

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    thanks all for the input!!! im going to upgrade the gem but look for a better weapon as well. they seem hard to find for my budget hehe, and im crafting bracers, but havent had any luck on that yet. but based on my current setup what mp would you guys say im suitable for?
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    Quote from RasAlgethi24

    I guess expensive is different for everyone but gearing a follower is dirt cheap to me. You can get a 10+% freeze, 60+% pierce buriza for like 2-3mil. A Star of Azkaranaz(however you spell it) with 3+ freeze for like the same price. Ring wise, I usually give them a HF ring, and one rare with high vit, AR, and high attack speed which can be had for like 50k.

    This helped me alot. The difference is huge. I can melt elites much faster and easier.
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