Archon Wizard - Emerald or Ruby in Weapon slot?

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    I would like to know what is the better choice. I guessed that Archon beam get dmg directly from your DPS, isn´t it? So the higher shown DPS in your "inventory" should be better. And slightly higher is with Emeralds. But i saw lot of people saying that they do more dmg with Ruby...

    Opinions / Explanations?

    thank you
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    Here you go. 3 emerald vs ruby archon
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    I saw all of it

    But some people say that Emerald is better for Archon and some people say that Ruby is better for Archon
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    Your initial guess was right, just go with whatever gives you more sheet DPS.

    This was also discussed here a while ago.
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    I would recomend you read this thread, and this and this and check your gear/dps gain on an online simulator as

    That said, in my humble opinion, it is a matter of perception/timed runs. Sometimes the ruby will net you more DPS (and Archon benefits directly from this, as it spread its damage along 60 ticks / second, if I'm not wrong). In this case, you should go with a ruby, no questions asked.

    Another times, the sheet DPS will be greater with an Emerald. This is where the "perception"/"timed runs" kicks in. See, when you use a Ruby, your MINIMUM damage raises a lot, and often it's only necessary a short beam to kill mobs, since all the ticks of the Archon Ray of Death ™ will guarantee a minimum damage higher than with the Emerald.

    Damn, I could use a graphical representation of this here.

    I switched to Ruby a few days ago. My general perception is, while my DPS dropped 6k, my MP8 runs are taking less time to complete in general. Storm armor procs are almost always "1-shot-1-kill" on mobs, and mobs melt away faster.

    But this is my case. You could feel it different on your char.

    Edit: (As a comparison, my usual Act 1 runs were taking 20min to complete with Emerald. And with the Ruby I'm taking 16~17 minutes).

    Edit2: And yes, I stop a lot to take loot. :)
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    But in the Archon form - how can Ruby give you better dmg when Emerald give you higher sheet DPS?
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    ^^ I think you nailed it. It's better damage, not more damage. :) Over time, fighting an Elite for example, the Emerald would net you more damage.

    But against mobs with low health pool, because the minimum damage is higher, you kill them in less time, so, overall, for farming your damage has higher quality. :P
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    Well i kill white mobs in 1 second so i wonder whats better
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    Bribous: you're right that a ruby removes damage spikes and increases min damage. But I don't get your example... on MP8? And 20% faster? I really doubt that. It must be something else coming into play here. It's not like 250k DPS one-shots anything on MP8.

    TheBonhart: all the theorycrafters (see thread I linked) kind of concluded that for the most part it's best to go with whatever gives you highest sheet DPS. But it might vary from character to character, as Bribous' examples shows.
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    @Bagstone, the procs on the storm armor are helping a lot. They usually did not kill mobs while I was moving, and now they do, and no crit is needed.

    But, as I stated, it's more a perception based on my observations of the time started/stoped and I did not use any scientifical method to measure it.
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    This again.

    Consensus: go with whatever gives higher DPS.

    Ruby: consistent damage, lower crit damage
    Emerald: sporadic damage, huge crit damage

    Total effective damage averages out over extended fights and sustained DPS. Results vary from player to player. Usually in favor of whichever grants higher sheet DPS.

    My difference between emerald and ruby is incredibly negligible, so I just run whatever.
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    Well i dont know.. with 60%+ CritChance... Emerald should be better imo... i dont know
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    Should be, or is?

    Run your numbers in d3up to compare. It's a tool that I feel for some reason people just either don't know about or refuse to use.

    Use it. Liberally.

    I literally use d3up to simulate every possible potential gear change that I make or plan to make weeks or months down the line. Switching between either an emerald or a ruby works here.

    Again, it all depends on your stats, so go and simulate your build.
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    But what should i compare? I can only see difference in DPS and DPS is higher with Emerald (for me) so what else should i compare on D3up?
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    If it's significantly higher, then run it. Unless you also melt elites in <5 seconds. For sustained, extended combat you want higher sheet DPS.

    My difference is <1K DPS in favor of emeralds, but I normally kill non-Extra Health elites in 15 seconds or so anyway on MP10 so the difference is negligible.
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    For me its cca 11k DPS in favor of Emeralds
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    That's probably the biggest gap between emerald and ruby I've seen in a while.

    That should be a no-brainer.
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    just got higher CC then you imagine, taking out MP7 elites in 5 seconds

    but still interested in MP10 in Ruby vs Emerald
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    I'll repeat this again.

    In extended combat with sustained damage over longer periods of time, you want higher sheet DPS.

    Which one has higher sheet DPS for you? You just said emerald.

    Unless you kite in circles for every extended elite fight, you want the one that provides higher sheet DPS.


    Edit: if you take ~5 seconds to kill packs on MP7, you'll take about 15 seconds to kill packs on MP10, if you don't kite. I qualify that as extended combat. Even more so if you have to shift positions or go against Extra Health.
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    Well i forget to say - im doing A2 "Elite" runs ///VotA + Oasis + channels///

    So i take out much more Elites than with 1.0.8 classic A1 ///Festering + Weeping Hollow + FoM//
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