when is mw/electrify viable for archon?

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    greetings, diablo fans.

    i want to ask about archon players using electrify on their magic weapon and just how much more AOE does this apply than force weapon. i'm doing mp10 single map runs (weeping or fields or k2) and couldn't seem to differentiate electrify from force weapon. clearly force weapon gives more paper dps though.

    help would be appreciated.
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    The problem with using Archon Disintegrate and MW - Electrify is that the beam only has a proc rate of 0.100. You'll be better off running a guaranteed, consistent +15% damage bonus, rather than +10% and hoping for an additional 10% weapon damage on just 3 additional targets.

    I guess you can rely more on Arcane Strike (left click) since that has a coefficient of 0.500. But that requires high IAS, which general Archon wizards don't stack until maxing up CC and CD.
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    It's really hard to tell how effective it is because I'm not sure if it uses the LoH mechanics or the CM mechanics. The difference being the LoH mechanics is a simple 0.1 spell coefficient based on 3xAPS tics per second. CM mechanics are more based off the actual damage tics which occur at some unknown frequency, presumed to be around 30-60 tics per second, with each individual tic having a chance to crit and thus proc things.

    Another issue is trash mobs should be dying very fast regardless of electrify and testing against elites is very problematic. Personally I prefer to use Blood Magic so I can facetank RD. If I had to choose between electrify and force weapon, I'd pick force weapon since I know exactly how much damage I'm getting out of it, and it still applies to single mobs, which take the longest to kill (i.e., yellow elites).
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