Improve my archon set

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    What do you guys think would be the biggest cost effective upgrade for me right now? Looking to upgrade my gear but not sure which piece to do next, crafting gloves so hopefully I get something there
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    i think you should just keep crafting shoulders,ammy,gloves. Other pieces wont give you as much upgrade. Those are your 3 "worst" items.
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    Aaand, if you're farming pretty efficiently and not dying, grab an Andariel's Visage, can seriously boost deeps and looks awesome. Or the mempo equivalent if you can afford it.
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    Personally I recommend grabbing a SoJ, if you don't mind losing a little vit. The extra damage against elites is great, especially for higher MP. I like the mempo, since the dps is decent and the EHP is great. A crit one will be better of course but those are a bit expensive.

    Otherwise upgrades don't look cheap so crafting is a good option. I'd say bracers and ammy to start, bracers for extra AR if you want, otherwise I'd start with ammy until you get either a good trifecta or a better crit/CD version. Keep that one you have though since it's probably great for CMWW if you ever want to run that.
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