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    I've been steadily upgrading my gear for a while now and it's getting to the point where upgrades are costing me a fortune, so I'm having to be much smarter where I spend my money.

    I'm still trying to get a better amulet from crafting, I'm having piss poor luck with that. I've had a few CC+CrD, but never AS and Crit of any kind and definitely no trifecta's yet, and I've made at least 150 - but I will get one eventually.

    As for the rest of my gear, I really don't know what my weakest link is as far as spending goes.

    I can comfortably farm MP7 and MP10 is possible, but still a bit hit and miss at the moment, and I'd really like to make it a bit easier.

    So, if there's any suggestions, I'd love to hear them, thank you.

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    Replace Nata set with Zunimassa's Trail/Pox and replace bracers with Lacuni's with crit. You'll make up for the crit lost with the Pox and the IAS lost with the Lacuni's as well as a huge int and vit boost. You might lose some AR but you've enough to spare anyway, plus you'll make some of it back with the boost in int you'll get as well as some bonus crit damage.

    After that I'd say look in to upgrading either of your Chantodo's. Whichever one you can do for cheaper first. The dps on your Will is pretty low so you can look in to getting a higher one as long as it still has a socket and 10 APoC. Don't worry the attack speed because getting a slightly slower one won't change your breakpoint.

    As for the Force, both the average damage and APoC are pretty low . Getting a perfect 10 can be pretty damn expensive with high damage, but you should still be able to get one with damage upgrades for a decent price, or go down to 9 and have higher damage options.

    As for Glass Cannon, I wouldn't recommend it. You should swap it for Cold Blooded. You'll actually do 5% more damage because your targets are always frozen anyway. With Glass Cannon, you're just making yourself vulnerable to ranged attacks which hurt a shit-ton on higher MP's, especially with your low LoH.
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    The first thing I notice is your armor is a little low. That's not a terrible thing but you don't have really high AR to make up for it. It's fine for MP7 ish but for MP10 you want more like 87% mit or higher, which is like 4k armor and 700-800 AR or so.

    I'd recommend dropping the mempo for SC with crit and going with a non-APoC OH with an IAS Chanto. Your weapon damage is pretty low anyway and you don't have a maxed gem so you can probably gain dps out of it. Also, if you can pick up a 1.78 APS wand or higher, you can drop IAS from your ammy and get something with much more CD for higher DPS. Plus your LoH will go up which will make higher MP easier. You'll still be at the breakpoint since you will have 54% IAS on gear and 1.78 APS wand for 2.73 APS total.

    I'd work on crafting bracers and try to get a similar pair but with AR. That will also help higher MP a bit.

    Chest can also use upgrading, but I'd go for armor+AR instead of vit+AR. I think they tend to be cheaper and extra mitigation is better than hp above 35-40k, unless you have latency issues or are trying MP10. I don't recommend soloing MP10 until you get to around 200k DPS or higher. Otherwise it's just not that efficient, though it's still possible with the right stats.

    I also don't recommend zuni or lacuni. Lacuni has terrible EHP compared to the potential of rare or crafted bracers. Zuni has decent dps but you can get as good or better from Ice Climbers+rare ring, and unless you can afford a tripox you're better off with the rare ring so you don't have to decice between IAS or crit, you can get both. A pair of IC with vit and armor are really strong too, but nat's set is fine if you'd rather keep that.

    I second the opinion on CB over GC. I also prever MW+electrify over slow time for solo play, though slow time is awsome for group play if that's how you roll. I actually prefer teleport over either, but if you want the dps boost electrify is, well, electric... Sorry, had to say that, but it's pretty good and should be as much or more dps than slow time against 3+ mobs.
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    Thank you for the suggestions, I'll certainly look into using some of them.

    I tend to either solo or duo. Depends if my friend is online or not. He plays a Barb so the Bubble is generally just for his benefit. Solo I'd probably use MW just because I never use Teleport, I find it quite disorientating.

    The Cold Blooded over Glass Cannon is a really genious idea actually, it never even occured to me - which is stupid because of course Frost Nova chills. That'll certainly help my EHP a bit.

    I actually have an IAS chanto which I use specifically for ubers, just to reach the 3.01 breakpoint, and if I were to drop any more IAS from any item, I wouldn't be able to reach it - and I really feel like I need it. So I'm not sure I'd be able to drop my Mempo, unless I were to go for Lacuni's and I'd lose a fair bit of EHP for them.

    I wouldn't really want to drop my socketed Chanto for the IAS one permanently though either because I lose roughly 40k dps when I switch.

    I'd also be aprehensive of switching to a rare Wand because I'd lose the chanto set bonus, which I really like, but it's certainly an option.

    So for the time being I'm going to go with looking for better Chest and Bracers to up my EHP a bit.
    And definitely get rid of Glass Cannon.

    Thanks again.
    And may the odds be ever in your favour.
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