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    Hello, fellow wizards! I need some tips to fix my wizard. She does decent DPS in MP0 (around 140K fully-buffed), but I know she can do better. I only have 500K to my name right now so my budget is extremely tight at the moment. Any general recommendations for things to look for, tweak, upgrade? I don't like using Energy Twister so I try to avoid that, but I'm open to everything else! Thanks for reading. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/bjoswald-1589/hero/30907193
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    Echoing Fury or other black weapon will probably increase your dps by quite a bit considering zuni+trium and tal rashas allegiance.
    Probably even a 500k echoing fury.
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    Farm a little more. I try not to make tiny upgrades that net only a bit of DPS here or a bit of EHP there. The more upgrades you make, the more gold you lose out on if you cannot flip your previous piece. That's why I try to make a massive upgrade every once in a while and make that piece last.

    Your first upgrade should be your weapon as Wymm suggested. To be specific, get one with "black damage" (+min/max) with crit damage and a socket with decent base DPS. This way, you can benefit a lot more from the bonus elemental % damage from your Tal Rasha's ammy, Zuni Trail and Triumvirate (your Chant's wand is mostly fire damage, which doesn't get modified by elemental bonuses).

    As for the weapon itself, other than the black damage aspect of it, if you tack on intelligence or life steal, it's going to cost a hell of a lot more, so start with just natural crit and socket. You can also forego the natural crit and work with life steal and socket to down the costs a bit. You won't net the huge DPS gain, but at least you'll survive more.
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