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    I have been off game come time, just a little bit after 1.04 came in with paragon so I have read that there have been quite a few changes

    I was running some hydra builds till that points, no blizzard, mainly:
    -venom hydra
    -teleport leaving 2 shadows
    - Seeker MM
    -Arcane orb
    -Force armour (nor prismatic but the one reducing hits)


    - Seeker MM
    - Arcane orb
    - arcane hydra
    - Magic Weapon
    - Force armour
    - Teleport leaving 2 shadows

    With this last build Im in 45k damage as peer the in game sheet, which I guess is not great, but I can farm act 3 in inferno, and have advanced up to mission 2 or 3 of act 4

    I have read the builds around about WW, or archon, which i will try, but I will like to know if the ones I have still work, or I should definitely gear for the other 2 builds. I only have like 5 million to buy stuff....

    I tried the arcane hydra one in siege breaker and pretty much was a cake walk with no MP, I guess I will go trying elevating MP, but can someone tell me about how much damage you need for each MP? or when to change? (apart from the obvious, if its a cake walk, switch)

    Is siege breaker worth farming if its easy increasing MP? or there are way better places?

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    Kiting builds are still playable and i find them still viable in group play. It is kinda cheap to get the basic gear for Archon in place and start farming something like MP1.

    Archon is mostly used for farming at lower monsterpower, something like MP0-MP4. CM WW is mostly used for doing Uber bosses at higher Monsterpower. You can farm with cm ww, but it's no fun - too much button smashing. Farm whatever you can farm fast, it is not uncommon to see Archon Wizards with 200K+ damage still farming MP1 or even MP0.
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    Here is a nice video guide for getting gear for 1 Mill for starters:
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