80M EXP/hour Archon Run (with crappy video)

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    Quote from Bagstone

    Gratz Jaetch! And a legendary on the p100... was it at least a nice one or crap?

    And btw, this is MP0, why not MP3 or 4? So much faster even for you?

    The Manticore had so much potential; rolled two sockets, dex, 80ish crit... but instead of +50% damage, it had +20 min damage and ended up with 950 DPS :facepalm:

    And I ran MP0 because it's way faster than MP3 with Cain's Set and Leoric's, etc. One of my friends is running the same build without Cain's and Leoric's and only averaged 40M EXP on MP3. He dropped it down to MP1 and started netting around 60M per hour.
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    Is the vid disabled now? lol
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    That's a lot of XP. O.O Grats
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