My Wizard PvP Build

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    Sup doods, this is my wizard fully equipped for PvP


    I went for a very high defensive build while still having decent DPS and with high life regen

    As for the skills I think that would be a pretty solid build for PvP except if some skills mechanics are changed. Ray of frost with numb could also replace lightning hydra or even arcane mines.

    What do you guys think?
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    Not to burst your bubble, but with approximately 500K EHP, you're not in all that better shape than most people gearing for EHP. I have a wizard friend that runs about 300K unbuffed DPS with nearly 1 million unbuffed EHP. Based on DiabloProgress, stats-wise he can kill me off if I go head-to-head with him.

    Also, there is no PvP right now, so any speculation for what build/stats to run is pretty moot right now. The only skill anyone can agree with for wizard in PvP is Seeker Missile, that's about it.
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    Yea but me I regen my full ehp pool in 10 seconds, GG
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    Seekers ftw
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    Teleport looks like a good pvp skill too.
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    I was discussing PvP with my Barb friend. All the skills I have can do sh!t on him. I think PvP will be dominated by Barb. Other class has little shot on it.. :(
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