Updated Blood Magic Rune for Archon

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    Magic Weapon
    • Skill Rune - Blood Magic
      • Blood Magic should now work with damage over time spells (such as Archon: Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, etc)

    I gave this a shot on PTR but I am a horrible tester, apparently. I have too many healing properties stacked up (passive regen, life after kill, health globes) that I can't really tell if Blood Magic is taking effect and for how much recovery (exactly what percent of each damage tick). Tried removing pieces of my gear, but that just threw everything out of wack.

    Has anyone else gotten a clearer view of this update?
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    I regained ALOT more hp without archon, just using electrocute, than with..

    I think blood magic still seems rather bugged to me when using archon..

    coem on blizz, fix it.
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    Best way to test is to just take off any gear with life regen and use a weapon without LoH or LS. Take a hit from a mob, then pop archon and see if you gain any life when you do damage. If you don't gain life, it's not working, if you do gain life, it should obey the 80% reduction in inferno because it currently works that way with other skills, like Arcane Orb, which I have tested.
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    I'm hearing that it is still bugged on archon.
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    It works. I tested it this morning.
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