Viable Frost Nova Change Build

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    This should be viable after they "nerf" frost nova - giving it diminishing returns.

    Too busy having fun with this build to be describing each skill and why.

    Pm me if you have questions- Mclilazng #1631

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    It won't be a nerf. The effective cap of cc resistance in elites will still be 65% as is now. There is no nerf, just a better mechanic. Monsters will not be immune to anything - ever. I find it beneficial, actually, that in 1.0.5 we 'll be able to have a twice as much time as now to land down twisters and prepare our explosive blasts before frost nova wears off. (1.5 sec is the duration of the 1st frost nova on any elite atm - in 1.0.5 the 1st frost nova will last for the full 3 secs w/ diminishing returns up to 1.5 secs as before)

    So .. yeah, i think you misunderstood the change.
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    nerf was in quotes lol. It' just going to be more effective
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    aka helps his build
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    if you are going to use paralysis for more CC you might aswell just drop glass cannon and switch prismatic armor for shocking aspect. with the buff to storm armor 100% wep damage aoe + whenever you crit you do lightning damage you should be able to stunlock assuming you have enough crit/ias...
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