Farming: Stick to Act 2 or Move on to Act 3?

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    Hi all, I'm just wondering what you guys think I should do in regards to farming. I haven't played in awhile so my gear seems pretty obsolete to what I've been seeing on this site. I'm trying to get a slotted weapon to get an emerald for +crit damage but that's going to take awhile. Just bought my current weapon for 150k, so that seemed like a steal.

    Since I'm new, no links so my profile is Nagittchi#1758.

    Back when I was playing I was farming Act 2 pretty fine but I'm wondering now that patch 1.0.4. hit, should I move on to Act 3 with my gear?

    What do you guys suggest I should change/focus on, other than my weapon?
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    Try a3, if you will doin fine they stay here. If not go back to a2 and do what is the most efficient for you.
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    Yea if you can handle act 3 without too much frustration go act 3. If you have to much troubles just stick to act 2 till you get some better gear.
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    It's not whether or not I can farm Act 3 without dying, that's perfectly fine for me.

    What I'm wondering is, what is your opinion on how much DPS/EHP is needed before I can run Act 3 more efficiently than Act 2?

    Edit: After a bunch of Extra Health packs, I decided just to stick to Act 2 until I increase my DPS.... like by double.
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