Brief Elite Pack Guide [Melee Wizard \\ Demo For Upcoming Videos]

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    Hello everybody,

    This is my new sample video with whats upcoming within the next few weeks.

    I will be going doing in depth guides on all the more complex affixes from a Melee Wizard perspective.
    Along with this I will be also showing a complexion of different builds that I have tried out and what I think
    about them.There will also be a How To ; Series within the next few weeks. I am going average on about
    3 videos per week.

    Link :

    Any requests, questions or feedback are greatly appreciated.


    YouTube Channel:
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    New video will be out on Friday.


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    Hey Wynn3er,

    i've been toying around with a melee build for a few days now, and am really much enjoying it. so far, that i already begun gearing for it (upping allres + vit, APoC etc) and bought a nice 900 dps 750 LoH wand.

    Playing with a source and WW - EB/CR - Fracture - Shell - 15% dmg rune on nova (whats the name? :) ) - Prismatic armor

    Act 1 is no problem, Act 2 can get tricky cause the mobs tend to be moving very much out of the winds. I find the easiest situations if i'm pretty much surrounded and those Wicked Winds hit as many enemies as possible. The AP generation is insane and i can spam WW and Chain reaction. After that "uptime", as i think of it, i can ramp out so much dmg from constantly pressing Explosive blast, that mobs die very quick. obviously not that effective if you have only 4 Elites that move much.

    I'm rather curious concerning youre builds shown, youre playing (as it seems) with the Deep Cuts Blades, as well als Blast/Chain reaction and Wicked Winds. But you seldom seem to cast the WW (or i didn't see it). is there any reasoning i miss?

    I tried playing with Blades and Chain reaction, but found the proccrate of the LoH and Critical Mass especially too low compared to Wicked Winds. But still.. Wicked winds have their negative sides if the mobs start moving out of it or you have to move (pesky fire chains and Lasers!).

    I guess there is no "golden" way to play it.. Blades seem more versatile cause mobs dont have to stand in them, but are not as good as WW.

    Just my thoughts.

    ps: after having beaten a full screen of invuln minions (boars) with mortar + a load of white mobs in act 3 i totally fell in love with this playstyle. had more action than ever before in this game. the most tricky part was to teleport behind that yellow boar in all that mess that was going on :D
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