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    Hi everyone,

    Some might already have come across me in game called as Tsukishiro and might have noticed I got a weird build that allows me to take more hits than any other wizzard. Atleast that's for act 1 inferno so far this all due lack of gear so I'm farming it with my tank spec and this is what I'm gonna talk about. Before ppl are gonna start insulting me or proving me wrong I am gonna say I'm still theorycrafting and testing it but so far I can "farm" act 1 without much problem I solo warden and butcher without dying.

    Build: http://eu.battle.net...XcSO!baf!YcaZcc

    This build is based on the Healing Blade(HB) + Blood Magic(BM) = Life on hit
    But that's not all you need to balance it out and the 2 combined isn't enough either you need the following stats to make this work best as prior listed from top to bottom

    -Life on Hit
    -Health regen
    -Crit hit

    The Life on hit that HB + BM provides you won't keep you alive in inferno act 2 or higher infact in act 1 you would also want it for hard hitting elite's. Health regen or life per second helps you to keep healed because it heals you even in combat and is handy if you need to kite elites.

    Now Crit Hit why this well the healings of HB is based on everytime you critical damage so everytime you crit with it you get healed Vitality explanes it self to not get 1 shotted :P

    Resistance this 1 is highly needed in act 2 or higher if you don't have let's say about 800 resistance on all you won't get through act 2 inferno or higher. Now Intelligence you are a wizzard you need it for your damamge now now don't go hey you want to tank you don't need really need damage well yes you the facts damage = healing from your HB, HB heals for 8% of the damage done with a crit so the higher your Crit hits the higher heals you get from HB let's say you crit a 20k hit = 1600 + an additional 1.5% from BM = 1900 for that 1 hit doesn't look like much but hence the Life on hit and Life regen.

    Now for the explaning why I use the rest of the abilities It's more or less a way of playing or how I found it the most effective for survivabilty.

    Energy Twister/Storm Chaser:
    I use this one mainly because it does alot of damage and hits more then once on a mob even when it rushes by it still hits for 2-3 times and it also gives you a "free" Twister when you use HB. This not the only thing it saved me alot of times when I ended up in a big group with some elites due the amount of hits it heals me pretty fast.

    Diamond Skin/Crystal Shell:
    Do I need to explane this ? :P Ok imagain 2 hardhitting elite hitting you at the same time or are about to I just feel safer to have it around and pop it then be reckless and go like sure hit me for 7k-12k each and then let the rest of the mobs slaughter me.

    Arcane Orb/Arcane Orbit:
    This is somewhat a burden and somewhat also a big health generator this 1 also hits more then 1 mob per orb and life on hit it heals. Also I'v been noticing that they kinda knock or interupt mobs? And they are also somewhat a shield for you or how can I say just try em you'll love em downside is big group spam alot and they don't pop imidiatly.

    Energy Armor(EA)/Prismatic Armor:
    Energy armor on it's own improves your armor and Prismatic armor gives you 40% increas of your resistance

    Passives: Evocation,Blur,Galvanizing Ward

    This is mainly to have my Diamond skin ready when I need it more then once in a "short" time.

    Decreases melee dmg taken by 20% since you will be most of the time on the front line or in the middle of a group mobs you need this 1.

    Galvanizing Ward:
    Not only the 120 extra seconds that your EA is on it also gives you a decent amount of Health regen.

    Optional ability-Diamondskin/Mirror Skin:
    I also have a Barb with OP/Crushing Advance and I like this alot I infact use it on every pack of mobs that drops a pool of poison or desenticrate or yes the bosses Ghom and diablo it works perfect when you combine it with some decent amount of Life on hit.

    Now before I end this post I'm gonna tell you what I do when I have to run from mobs and the kind stats that I have at this current moment when I posted it.

    What I do when I have to run cuz I am about to die cuz stats are not the best yet.
    When I have run I only run when I have like 5% hp left or I see that I can't take to much anymore I do this. RUUUUUUN :P no no joking I actualy Kite my way like I am a caster that's the fun part I can tank as a range I use Energy Twister to hit the mobs from a far if my arcane is low I try to just use it once then aim for towars the mobs while running and use HB due the Storm Chaser rune I can use a twister without using arcane and twister will hopefully hit more than 1 mob and heal me.

    Now for the hoooooorde (sorry inside joke) I mean stats.
    DMG with Magic weapon: 18.5k (not much I change gear)
    Crit hit chance with scoundrel:13% (don't have money to buy some gear, I farm)
    DMG reduction: 70.10%
    Resistances: 370-425
    Life per second with EA: 733
    Life per Hit: 297
    Armor with EA : 7k (yes I use a shield)

    So you see my stats are far from good and I still manage to solo act 1 yes I can solo it even butcher and warden and SK and so on and this about rounds it up for the "guide"? If anyone wants to help or has tips or any of those kinds I welcome you to post a reply. If someone wants to try my build I highly recomend it if you take my notes in consideration and not blindly go like "ooh I am superman I don't die" and run in the 1st elites with walls and sentry in act 2dying and then go shout at me that my build is fail when I'm positive that it works if you got the gear. I will update once I got enough gear time and farming act 2.

    I thank you all for who read this or took time to read this this was Tsukishiro over out :D
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