Gearing up for act 3 Inferno

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    Well, right now I have act 1 Inferno on farm. I got 250% MF gear and I'm looking to go farm Act3 with the new drop rates, but it seems a little difficult with my actual gear. What should I start getting to do act 3?
    Here is my gear for reference:
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    I'd suggest find more crit and armor. Using a MF set in act 3 is going to be very difficult, but very rewarding if you spend enough money on it
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    Have nearly same problem.
    with buff: 34k dps - 30k hp - 4,5k armor - 300resist
    800hp-regen 0(zero) hp/hit - 600 hp/kill
    crit chance 5% crit dmg 100%

    Use 1h(890dps)+source and "hydra-blizz build"
    //(Blizzard-Hydra(venom)-ShockPulse, Magic weapon, Teleport(fracture, illusionist), Energy armor(force armor))//
    Have some equipment to make +resist (but will lose dps, hp), or +dps( but will lose hp and hp-regen)

    What i need to change first of all to be more comfortable and clear A3??? Give advise, please.
    +dps(even if i will lose other stats)? how much armor res? May be need some hp/hit?
    Try to get more crit chance(and dmg)?
    May be change build - add familiar or diamond skin?

    P.S. And also little advise how to better kill Ghom("poison room")? Try to get max-dps, or try to get high res(resAll+resPoison+PrismArmor), or go as it is?
    In current gear try different styles, but only 30-40% left. Kite him around, but all room in poison and i die...
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    Take a look at this thread there are a lot of viable builds regarding this act.

    Link -

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