1 million gold challenge

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    Hi guys,

    Both the Barbarian and monk have a million gold challenge up to A3 of inferno atm, and Wizzards need one to! Why do I come with this idea and or why do I not do it myself? The problem is that I mainly play the DH and monk on inferno, my own wizard is only lvl18, but the friend who I play most with has:
    - less time
    - doesn't really know how to farm (helped him with that, hope it will improve)
    - has no Money

    So basically if he wants to play with me on A3 (atm with my monk) he will need to upgrade his gear with as low a budget as possible (in the worst case I'll just buy it myself :P) but neither he or me has a clue as what to focus on while keeping in mind that the budget is quite small.

    Tnx for any advice and I really hope someone is willing to do a 1 million gold challenge!
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    I'm a bit confused could you give me some more information please?
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    Quote from Wynn3r

    I'm a bit confused could you give me some more information please?

    I guess it's the same thing than what was posted on frontpage today (or yesterday?) for act2monk. Basically you start naked at the begining of act 3, and you have to kill Azmodan using ah to buy gear (with the 1M gold).
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    I don't know the rules to this, but I can suggest some things up to Act III. Act III is still new to me so not sure.

    One option is to go straight int/vit gear. You'll need just a few resists... so take advantage of low priced 35 resists all and stuff that barbs don't want.

    You'll be able to afford:

    1. Decent helms - 160+ int, 80+ vit. Consider crit stats... any will help.
    2. Mediocre off-hand items - damage is most important... you'll spend an hour shopping because you can't sort for damage. Look for 80+ low end damage, 250+ high end damage. Int or Vit. Vit will be cheaper. You might luck out with arcane power stats.
    3. Get the cheapest 12% movespeed boots you can find. I'd be surprised if you can find any with decent stats, so just look for vit and fire resist or something.
    4. Good Shoulders are way expensive. Just try to get high vit and low int or vice versa.... or high vit with resists all.
    5. Semi-Decent Chestpieces are cheap. Look for 160+ int, 60+ vit. The 3 socketed items with good enough stats can be found for 10k to 70k.
    6. Legs - similar to chestpieces.
    7. Rings. Consider one with int+ attack speed. Consider another with Int and/or vit and maybe resists fire/physical. Buy your rings last, as they aren't mega important but can fill in the gaps in whatever stats you need.
    8. Belt. It seems like high int with any vit will cost you here, especially if paired with resists. But you sort of want resists on the belt because it doesn't have any other important stats (crit, weapon speed, crit dmg) really. Spend time trying to find a deal here.
    9. Amulet. You can find highish int, 160+, fairly easily. But you need to consider crit chance or weapon speed here. Or some resists. Another option is 8 crit chance plus damage items (no other stats). They give you a nice dps boost and aren't easy to search for so aren't popular.
    10. Gloves. Gloves are important for attack speed or crit stats.
    11. Main weapon. Yeah... they are fricking expensive right now. I would probably suggest a wand with vit or just raw damage... you get some arcane power stuff "for free". You won't be able to afford anything great, but the weapon is extremely important for the mage. Perhaps make this 175-250k of your spending. Do not get a slow 1.2 speed one hander... it's too slow unless you have lots of attack speed buffs.

    So what you may want to do is get high int on most items, and then go high vit on maybe 2 items to get a balance.

    Hope that helps a little.

    ---edit--- Shoot for either 30k hp and 30k dps (unbuffed) or slightly less HP and more dps. I see a lot of ppl on the forums getting through most of the acts with those stats. Bosses are hard now... Ghom and the spider queen may very well be unkillable with only 1mill in the bank, especially solo. But if you are playing with your friend, you can help him through I imagine.
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    The problem is "market timing".

    If you want stuff RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE BEFORE I LOG OFF ... a million might not go very far.

    Whereas if you shop for a week, checking for *deals* 6x times or more per day ... you might be able to build a decent set over the week.

    As far as what to buy? depends upon what your buddy is going to be doing ... straight up DPS? or helping with a tank build? What play style do they like? how you spec depends a ton on how you like to play, and the gear you get depends a ton on the spec / style you play.

    Overall though, the main thing is *time*. Start shopping now and visit the AH often cause good values can be had, they are just snatched up quickly as they stand out a midst all the idiots that think their junk is worth 10-100 million.
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