gear progression - what to improve ?

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    Thanks guys, you've helped a lot

    I'll check back in a few days after playing a bit more and report back how this worked out for me
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    I am with alot of doubts about my wizard gear. I was trying to buy a "nice" gear with some Magic Find but i doesnt know if that is viable or if Magic Find worth...
    So i decide to ask here for some suggestions about my gear. Which attributtes i must focus with wizard and if i can continue to improve my MF or it doesnt worth at moment.

    and finally the stats (without any buff)
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    Akuma, I'm no expert but I think you will have to give up some resists all for INT or other damage increases and a little bit more VIT for HP. The common theme I'm seeing is try to get around 30k life for ACT III inferno, and then as much DPS as you can squeeze out of gear you can afford. For instance, I had a build with 30k HP and 30k DPS that pretty much got me to Ghom. I am more crit oriented lately, but did get a nice ring drop that has IAS on it so I'm using it, too.

    IMO, keep your belt and boots. Get rid of the chest piece and look for 150+ int on it with some vit. Of course you may have a build that works with less dps, so just take things with a grain of salt.
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    Your gloves could use crit chance or damage, too.
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