To 1h or 2h..

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    So i am currently using a 1300 damage 2h, with 200 int. I am however wondering if i should sell it, and use the money (+3 million i have on the side) to buy a 1 hand instead? I have no idea whats better!

    PS. Currently using Arcane Orb build, without any signature spells (might need a signature spell for a 1 hand weapon to be better?)
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    Basicly, arcane orb supports slow weapons since you pay equal arcane power for a 1 handed or 2 handed orb. However, I find myself stutter stepping a lot. When using a 2 hander the delay before you can continue running is also increased, making kiting noticably more difficult.

    Pro tip: If you're not using a signature spell, try equipping a wand. When attempting to cast arcane orb when out of AP you'll just start shooting ranged attacks for 100% weapon dmg (duh) which isn't much less than MM
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    Have an infinite tap of money? 1h+OH is better. With a 80-100% crit damage weapon, open socket with over 1100 DPS, and a 250 DPS offhand with +10% crit is going to outperform ANY 2hander imagineable..... THAT BEING SAID, A 1100 DPS with a 80-100% Crit damage roll, and open socket is going to cost Well over 300 Mil, and sources are impossible to find.

    Snag yourself a open socket 80-100% crit damage open socket 1300 dps 2hander for 500k-2Mil, shove a 600k Star emerald in it, and it'll outperform any 1hander in that price rage.

    Limitless supply of gold? 1h/oh. Freshly gearing up? go 2h. It favors AP spells anyways.
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