Starting Inferno!

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    What stats shoud u search for on items on AH to start inferno?
    Also, shoud u go pure dmg and low hp, since i anyways can only get 35% dmg?
    And any other things i shoud know? thanks :D
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    i have in inferno for a while, but didnt make progres from act1.
    my stats are :

    dmg - 14k
    armor - 3k
    life - 33k
    resis - 148 - 200
    crt chance - 15%
    crt dmg - +65%

    i have problem about combination skills and items

    using 1h 550dmg/270int + off hand 22-81dmg/127int/112vita/crt chance 5%


    iam very good in act 1, but in act 2 i cant survive.

    reading forums and trying to figure out something ... but nothing

    according to tips, blizzard (spell) not crit (no yellow numers :), ray of frost eather
    should i switch to 2h with high dmg, or just switch my skill build, to arcane and watching crit numbers ?

    is any benefit from wizard sets like tar rasha or chantodo
    or i just can buy much better items in AH separatly.

    thx for advices ...
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    It depends on your build ;) !
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