MP10 - fast act 1 paragon lvl / legendary hunt By Projax

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    Hello everybody,

    I would like to share a build that propably has been shared there already. But I decided to write down every needed info that you should know before actualy going on with this build.

    So 1st lets have a look at the video of mine - Mp10 Bats + Locust + hofiry

    Everybody can see how simple it is - but there is a big problem for you guys, for ppl that are going to test it out.

    YOU WILL DIE ALOT AT THE BEGINING - yes its true you will be insta killed by charges - or just get eaten by flying frongs.

    So what should we do there? Well, If you are begginer with this build you should always make a quick stop when you encounter the flying frogs and kill them asap (or kill most of them) because they are faster then you (even with 24 ms) and will rip your soul prety fast unless you have 800k EHP +.

    Try to avoid monster mega pull at first few games, because you will need to get used to it - you need to use little macro to keep your spirit walk 100% up for avoiding charges.

    about chargers.. you cant do anything about it. Well actualy you can - you can spirit walk it or simple Horify it to not get insta gibbed. With my 400 ehp I get to 10% and then the rest mobs kills me , because it basicaly knock you and interupts your bats.

    Now there are two ways how to play act 1.

    Legendary way
    Just go field of misery - clear it up (avoid keywarden) and then restart the map

    XP way
    Festering - clear every rare /event
    Field of miser -> Weeping hollow

    If youre gear is not super strong 400ehp and about 160k dps unbuff. you should practice this on mp8. Its lot of safer and faster thou. For this build youll need a little bit of practice to master it.
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    update: New video about team play and sick pulls even in "bad" gear !! inc soon.
    today my friend and i managed to do 93-98 in less then 8 hours ;) with insane amount of legendary drops
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    Nice video. I've been playing with bats a lot lately. For damage reflect mobs I just keep a LS skorn to switch to. The high LS will make them no problem.
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    Nice vid man.! Have been playing bats all 1.0.8, using a high ls skorn makes it a piece og cake. Can kite those frogthings as well cause of the ls from locus warm.

    To everyone wanna lvl plvl, this is very fast!

    When playing in groups and facing elites that tent to run a lot (and fast) I use spirit barrage. Its a bit lower dps but works (also great for goblins in multiplayer)!
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    Does Firebats scale better with life steal or life on hit, or it doesn´t matter?
    Cheers for the guide!
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    Firebats hits too slow for Loh to do anything. It hits hard though, so obviously LS.

    A good combo is a cyclone strike Monk with this build. I always run with one and they just pull everything into my bats. It's extremely efficient.
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