Witch Doctor speed farming build

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    I got a fun build to show you guys :) you don't need super gear or anything it works good from mp0 to 10 all you need is life steal and pickup radius.

    I have used this build a few weeks now and it is really good. I used it on mp1 first but now i do mp 7.
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    I miss some video showing where you actually play with it, but i guess the lag would make it too hard :/ build seems cool, never considered Dead Rush and will try it out, im farming mp7 atm. with a standard WoS/ZB build, pretty much the same abilities you use just different passives :D how much xp/hour are you getting when farming on mp7 with this build ?
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    i get around 60-80m xp/h when i did mp 2-4 but mp 7 is very slow for me
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