How to improve my WD?

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    I'm running into a dead end on how I need to improve my WD. I'm sitting around 120-130k dps, but I lost some survival to get there (lower hp and all res). Now, I'm not sure where to go without dropping damage or eHP with my gear. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

    For my weapons, I also have a LS Skorn, I just don't use it for trash because of the lack of PU radius that my gear has.
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    I think getting a +Crit Zuni Helm will be your easiest and cheapest upgrade. Swap that P.Resist for 3.5/4% crit. That should be pretty cheap. Also looking for CD+CC versions of your gloves, Unity and Zuni ring might be inorder if you have the budget.
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    You can always play around with crafting gloves/bracers/shoulders, there are alot of potential upgrades to get there... and ofc. a zuni head with crit og CC on the zuni ring would be awesome too.
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