TNTrice's Back Again 0 Sec Zombie Dog Build!

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    How to gear and survive with this Amazing build!
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    You have some misinformation in this video.

    - Itemization doesn't have an exact timeline for when it's going to be implemented. This means, that the buffed legendaries, and changed drop rates wont be seeing 1.0.8

    Witch Doctors AREN'T the weakest class. We're simply the hardest to understand and difficult to use. You could say we're an advanced player class, imo.
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    Hey man and thanks for the video and the effort.
    Currently, I m not impressed with your video or the build since it's really really slow and far away from being effective. This might change in 1.0.9 when low level items you have to use get lvl63,, at the moment I wouldn't suggest this build to anyone, since pretty much any other build is much safer, faster and more effective.
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    Maybe this will change your mind Furiousballs:

    belial mp10:
    ubers mp10:

    Note this is all done without lifesteal, its not needed if you reach certain ias breakpoint with enough healthglobe bonus on gear.

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    Some things that i need to point out (or underline as others also mentioned some of them):
    - to anyone who s new to this build : its one of those advanced, damn expensive specialists build that is very unique to play but not best at anything, also should be only played on high mp and... would be the best wd build for ubers mp10 farming if not for the fucking annoying kulle, as you see in Odeg video, siege + kulle takes ofc the most time but what you know is the fact that he got also pretty lucky on this run with kulle teleports, concentrated nukes from 2 bosses, i can asure you that the guy is dying there on mp10 more than any other class ( siege can grab you and tornado just kill you while youre in the air even with 1k+ res 100k health, also if u have merc with freeze, he likes to freeze beast when ure in the air, so trying to freeze kulle might be counterproductive)
    - do you think barbarian and monk are melee classes? well they some range on attacks and distance closing skills, zero dogs doesnt ( low dps offhand + attack speed preference makes makes adding backup ranged attacks subpar to say the least), fighting ranged mobs that run away is damn pain (eg kulle or a3 warden) if you want to fight those a lot, hex is like a must (it syncs rly well with tribal rites btw)

    about the build in the video:
    - dont play without movement speed, no just... no, i dont know how you cant feel the pain of not being able to move between fast or closing distance to fleeing caster mobs, and those boots are not good, for 1 mln u can get decent zunimassa with lets say 170 int 70 vit and maybe armor, youre loosing def stats but gaining 130 int bonus, movement speed and elemental dmg (just need to switch weapon to something else with black dmg)
    - witching hour is worth it as it has attack speed
    - as you said you need to live and your main stat for both dpsing and ... living is attack speed 1,64 is very low, anyone considering build should aim for 2+
    - attack speed is main stat and helps survive more cause you summon dogs and globes faster, with 2 aps its 1 dog cycle per second, so 25k from sacrifice and 60% Chance for a globe (speaking of hich 6-7 pickup radius is a must and having something with 10+k globe increase is very helpful)
    - regarding previous point, you dont need healing from soul harvest, just get dunno... dmg one if you rly dont want 60 sec duration and hex without jinx rune is almost a waste of slot (and it doesnt heal2k/sec, just throws 3-4 heals over duration)
    - you also dont need any loh (sacrifice has pretty low coef for some reason) and ls, manajuma carver rly suck as mentioned before:s
    - nobody knows when 1.09 patch will come, ppl expect end of summer
    - regarding tanking ability of the build --> 1300 buffed res all, 5k buffed armor, 75k life and i was standing in arcane beam dpsing maghda on mp10(not arm, very center of beam)
    - knockback and fear mobs are annoying cause they make you stop healing yourself, you can stand in plagued + 3 stacks of desecration, if u get frozen or feared through it, you can die rly fast
    - imo locust swarm is just dps loss, 360% over 8 sec... it will infect everything but dogs are 4x275, might be good as a precast if it werent wasting valuable skill spot
    - regarding wasted skill spot - imo even gargantuan is better, its passive dps + extra tank, also with this build you can do a nifty trick, take rune that makes him enrage (bruiser?), it has 2 min internal coouldown and lasts 15 seconds but cooldown resets when you resummon it, with homunculus, u can summon it every 25-35 sec - useful for elites
    - i wouldnt call wd weakest class, just slowest to level

    Anyway... since i bothered to check forum:
    Got a question to Zero Dog WD prOs that come by...
    for like half a year im wondering if having very high attack speed with 4 zombie dogs talent isnt actually counterproductive
    what i mean is, i always feel like the next wave of dogs get summoned before last dog gets sacrificed lal - maybe its just graphic but it feels that theres slight delay between each sacrifice - also the dogs portrait never dissapears suggesting that theres never 0 of tchem (prolly just lag)
    would be nice if someone enlighten me on that matter as im to lazy and uncertain to try figure it out myself qq
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    As I mentioned in my first comment, not impressed.
    This build works on Belial and machines mostly because targets are completely static without any afflixes.
    Farming mp 8 - 10 with this build is at least 10 times slower then any other build.

    Don't take me wrong, this build looks like a lot of fun but I don't think it's even close to effective as some others. Also, even done I m playing my WD since day one, I'm not stating I m right, just my own opinion so don't take it too serious :8).

    Post me a video where you kill elite group on mp 8 - 10 in around 20 seconds and I ll agree that it's awesome.

    Check out my build:
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    so here :)

    sry for the musik
    some pack clips

    dps unbuffed with merc 190k

    no ll
    no for the masterbuff
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