Glitchy Zombie Bear Cast in 1.07

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    This has started happening for me since 1.07, usually only when I'm in the heat of battle and casting spells left and right. Never happens on the first cast, usually after I've casted something else just before and trying to move. I've tried reproducing it while standing it town or just away from mobs, but then I can't do it.

    I cast Zombie Bears and start trying to move or recasting it again in another direction while the casting animation is trying to complete... except no Zombie Bears (or their related animations) pop up (and no damage dealt)...

    The casting animation on these fizzled casts are usually (not always) stunted (cut-short) and I move/cast the other spell instead.

    Anyone noticed that this has started happening to them while using the Zombie Bear skill (or any other skill for that matter).
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    sort of... i did notice a bit of a delay when i try to cast it sometimes, if it casted at all... BLIZZARD PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS (thought i was the only one, was waiting for this to pop up on the forums)

    P.S. i can't wait for Game of Thrones to come back on
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