Switched from Monk to WD - a few questions.

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    As the title says I switched from Monk to WD just yesterday - bought some entry level gear and completed A1 Inferno on mp1 with no troubles (sohard).
    I kinda figured out the build and the stats to go for, Im not sure about a few things - would be lovely if any of you could help me out. (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/greez-2698/hero/5554769)

    1) Any suggestions for gear/stats direction are welcome, also general opinion of my build would be helpful. If you'd have any ideas for relatively cheap (or not super-cheap, but obvious and long-lasting) upgrades Id appreciate it. (I will be crafting Hellfire ring soonish)

    2) Im not exactly sure whats the range on Bears - they sometime seem to run quite far, most of the time staying rather close though. Using them can be a pain sometimes for a newbie like me, but their damage seems too good to replace them with anything. Any tips on how to use them effectively?

    3) Acid Cloud seems a bit of an overkill in terms of amount of skills used for damage - I have no problems killing things with just Wall/Bears and occasional m1 if mana is lowish for a moment. But I couldnt find a skill good enough to replace it - Im not a fan of long cooldowns, although I wont be stubborn enough to simply not use them if they are worth it.

    4) Would that build be effective for ubers (given better gear) or is there some other way WDs deal with them? Similar question for Reflect packs (and Breaker) - I usually just Spirit Walk, get in range and spam Bears, my Life Steal is low and doesnt really help much if Im AOEing that kind of pack - any better way of dealing with those?

    5) Is Gargantuan useful on higher MP levels or should I get used to some other skill in his place? Smiliar question goes for Pierce the Veil - would much better gear make it obsolete, assuming I could just spam Bears endlessly PtV, or should I just keep it for higher burst, but possibly lower sustainable damage?

    I think thats all for now, thanks in advance for any help you guys could provide, really appreciate it.
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    1) You can get a stone of jordan pretty cheap. +20-30% damage vs. elites, as well as +mana, +damage and a bonus to a random skill. Don't worry about attack speed, focus on int, cc, cd and average damage for your dps stats.

    2) To use bears effectively you need to get in close. Make sure your resists and health are high enough, and that you have ample LoH and/or leech. At your damage you should start to see the benefits of leech, but you may need a little LoH until your damage goes up more - personal preference. I also find that if I click on top of myself the bears can go in 3 different directions, so I always make sure to click a bit away in the direction I want them heading.

    3) Beats me, the only spells I have loaded that can do real damage are bears and garg. Once you have leech you don't need a ranged spell. Try loading dogs with the leech rune in place of wall, they'll occuply monsters much better and heal you a bit.

    4) Not sure about ubers, I don't think the hellfire ring is worth it. For reflect packs I SW which is 3 seconds of bears (Jaunt rune), then I horrify + FA for the armor bonus and keep casting bears. Having jungle fortitude loaded helps, as does having good resists. And leech is necessary. On mp5 I don't have to stop spamming bears, but on 6+ I do need to actually start paying attention.

    5) I found the garg to be better at higher MP levels. It takes hits better than dogs, it has an AoE which gets more aggro than dogs, and the more pets the better at higher MP levels where you'd prefer not to get hit much. The garg also does decent damage, so you can view it as a passive damage booster as well (sorta like mini-PtV). I eventually replaced my left-click with it, since I had no other room and using darts is a joke at higher MPs. I never had much luck with PtV. Perhaps with mana regen in every available slot, with minus charger cost in whatever slots you can get it, and with Blood Ritual, you might make it work. But that's more trouble than I want to go through. It's like a scrifice or pile-on build - It looks fun, but I'm not changing all my gear to make it work.
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    as far as gear is concerned, you basically need int / vit / res all / and anything else you want (possibly try to shoot for some mana regen, somewhere, and possibly extra mana, if you can swing it).. i don't run too high a crit chance, and stick wreck anwhere from MP1 - MP 5, and can somewhat easily do 6-7... attack speed, people will say isn't worth it on a WD, but i'd say try to get at least 10-15, as it cuts the time it takes to cast down, which could mean life or death depending on what you're fighting... also the faster the weapon you can get, the better, for the same reason... end game gear, is really up to you, i personally like the zunimassa 4 piece, it helps with mana regen, and also extra mana... if you're gonna play the build hard, get rid of PtV and put in spirit vessel, as in tough situations, it'll give you a second chance... if you wanna get rid of acid cloud, which i'd recommend if you're gonna use ghost bomb / bears, you can put in either zombie dogs, or horrify, horrify with the rune that gives you 100% armor... Zdogs is preference... if you stack alot of res / life / and as much armor as you can, pets are actually quite good, now, after one of the more recent patches... boots with 12% MS!!!!! can't stress this enough.. and if you can score a good set of lacuni prowlers, do it... the MS will save your life more than you'll want to admit...otherwise a fairly solid build, i like to use soul harvest along with gruesome feast, becasue with both at max stack, they collectively give you 100% int, which doubles your damage, and boosts your res, which in turn reduces damage you take, pair that with horrify, and you'll be a monster (especially garg)... zombie bears travel, one directly in front of you, and one immediately to the left and right of that, and the two on the sides hit stuff that is sort of behind you... it's hard to explain... if you stand in a corner, all 3 bears will go in the same spot, and if spammed, can wreck just about anything you wanna hurt bad ;D i'd recommend putting your back to a wall as much as you can while killing stuff, and if it's available, go to a corner (don't, however, waste too much time trying to get there... if you can, and it's easy, do it... beware of mortar when doing this!) as far as ubers are concerned, i still use bears, as it's the most damaging spell... honestly, i'd say just try stuff out... otherwise just keep the build, and go with a group... reflect, i just use as much mana as i can when i'm in SW... otherwise, just keep on truckin and avoid getting hit, this will maximize your damage you can take from the reflect itself... breaker is actually kinda easy, if you have pets to distract him... just keep him by a wall, and keep your back to it, throw bears BEFORE you hit SW, so that they can travel to hit him, to max the time you have to deal damage to him whilst taking none.. garg is my bread and butter, really... without him i don't think i'd have as much fun... i use... restless giant? i think.. the one that gets huge and does more damage... they are mostly based off of you, as are the dogs... the more health, armor, and res you have, the more they do, ultimately making them survive.... my pets can fight uber siegebreaker without dying, keeping him busy allowing me to deal damage in a safe way... just have someone there keeping kulle busy... i recently started stacking crit damage, as well, and that boosted my damage quite a bit... food for thought... i apologize for the lack of organization, but i think i covered everything...
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SirBoneselot-1182/hero/1672627
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    Thanks for input guys, will definitely try Dogs and Horrify, as well as replacing PtV.
    One more question though, if I choose to go for ubers Id assume replacing Grave Injustice with Jungle Fortitude would be good, then should I also switch Gruesome Feast with for example Spirit Vessel?
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    Spirit vessel should be on there all the time... But yes, SV, JF, maybe GF for ubers... I'd stay away from PtV at all times if you're going to use bears, too
    WD - mostly other chars are toilet... my pride and joy ;D http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SirBoneselot-1182/hero/1672627
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    1) Get a lot of mana regen, CC and CD, then go perma bears, don't listen to those fake dps guys who will tell you to stack IAS, their inventory dps is 243525235235235 billions, but they use weak skills, they run out of mana and can't sustain heavy dps, your inventory dps is not so impressive, but line bears deals 700% weapon damage, nothing in the game comes close to that.

    2) You can extend bears range by facing your back to a wall, line bears if you use angles, be carefull with reflect damage, it may demolish you even with lifesteal.

    4) For ubers i use sacrifice with pride, spirit walk with honored guest, 104 mana regen, tribal rites, blood ritual and spirit vessel, with that you have a perfect rotation that allows you to spam bears 24/7(i have 1,6 attack speed) and humiliate any other guy on your party

    5) I think zombie dogs are much better than gargantua for late monster power, they can absorb 10% of the damage you have taken or give you a small but helpfull life leech.
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