Zuni and Manajuma Set

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    Is getting the full Zuni set and the Manajuma set worth it? I would then get pickup radius on some armor instead of Thing of the deep. Thanks
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    Depending on build. If your going bears build Id say get zuni 4 piece if not i'd say no. As for Manajuma, i dont like the set to be honest. Would rather have Thing of the Deep and a Echoing Fury or fast mainhand
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    The novelty 2 piece set bonus on mana's sucks. The radius is crap and with my gear it only ticked for about 3 K once every second, but you had to be pretty much right beside the mobs. I would honestly say stick with the carver if u can find a good one. but dont bother with the offhand.

    Zuni 4 set is a must in my eyes.
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    I was going to get zuni 4 set, till I tested sacrifiec-pride. Its amazing :D spam like crazy, sacrifice dogs, get full mana, keep spamming if necesary. Also with pickup radius, dogs are always rdy to cast or maybe you could use circle of life. Test this setup before buying zuni.
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    I had an almost perfect manajuma set and its really good. Its imo the best mainhand+offhand combo if you have pickupradius items.
    The problem is that a good manajuma offhand costs you >500mill and its rarely even in the auctionhouse(you want avgdmg >290 and 10% crit). And for that price you can get a really top notch skorn and awesome pickupraidus items.

    For zuniset it really depends on what build you are running. I think its a very good all-around set and specially cost effective for starting a wd.
    If you want to run specific builds you have to replace some of the setitems :/ For example Acid-Cloud you may want an acid SOJ and the helm.
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