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    After a few versions of barbarians and the cookie cutter monk, I started playing my witchdoctor last week. And I must say I love it. It feels awesome to splash throu big groups of mobs in a matter of seconds.

    This is me: denby #2250 on EU servers (can't post links yet untill I spam you 10 times)

    I would much appreciate the feedback from you more experienced WD's (only playing her for a week now)
    How to improve my build so I can farm mp1 even faster? How to improve my gear?

    I know some items are not "ideal" for WD's as they are borrowed from my monk or were just hanging around in my stash.

    I'm currently struggling mostly with the speed I kill elite and champion packs. If white mobs are mixed in I usually get enough mana return to kill fast but if I get an isolated champion pack my mana return from Grave Injustice can't help me. My only mana return at those times are the honoured guest rune and the RNG health globe drops.
    I'm reluctant to drop Pierce The Veil for Bloodritual cause I want to keep one-shotting mobs with Vengeful Spirit.

    Any tips on build or gear are most welcome.
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    In my opnion, for a WD, being able of sustain dps for a longer period of time is the most important part.
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    For main DPS on elites and champions, i warmly recommend bears. Stand with your back against a corner to narrow the spread on the bears.

    4-set of Zunimassa┬┤s is a big help for regaining mana faster; and I seem to be the only one to use Vision Quest for increased manaregen.

    My profile:

    The current spec im using is for ubers. Otherwise i switch zombie dogs for soul harvest with the rune "Swallow your soul" and Spirit Vessel for Vision Quest.

    As you may notice I do not have any increased pick-up radius; so the spec your using is kinda pointless for me at least.
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    I should have added that I use acid rain with rain of toads for super fast exp farming. A bear build will be in place once I'm getting my paragon a bit higher. No use farming for stuff on higher MP with no MF.
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    i may have some tipps for you:

    kick pierce of the veil, insert blood ritual... this makes acutally a HUGE difference. you can cast soooo much more before you run oom.
    totally worth the loose of 20% dmg.

    get a better totd. look for one with vit and 230 avg.dmg. at least.
    i got mine last night for about 7 mills.

    kick your yellow ring and get zunis pox... if you dont have the money, lookc for one with int, +dmg, and critdmg or crit% for the int set boni

    mempo is not the best for WDs. because more ias can cause you mana probs.... its not bad, but maybe you should consider a visage of guyja with acid rain crit% (and if you have the money overall crit%).

    your gloves... 50% critdmg is nice, but if you look for gloves like 200++ int, 8% critchance and 30%critdmg, they will do more dmg and will not cost much
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