Average geared need help on upgrades, 30 mill budget

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    Finally got some gold for a decent upgrade, got 30mill to spend. My current gear is very low budget (3 mill tops in total and a few lucky drops) - MP4 is rather easy though a bit slow with some packs.

    Want to get 1 or 2 major upgrades, but not really sure what to aim for. Should i use it all on a Skorn, or would it be better used on some other parts? Or Zuni parts?

    Any input much appreciated.

    Can't post URLs, but my battletag is Kost#2606 on EU
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    With your budget I would try to upgrade a few pieces (5-6) instead of just one big upgrade. You have quite a lot of cheap upgrades you could get that could double your DPS and bring up your HP to 40k+

    - get a new weapon with crit dmg and open socket, it will boost your dmg quite a lot
    - rings, amulet, gloves: get some with dual dps stats (crit change > crit dmg > ias)
    - those boots are awful, you should have enough for some zunimasa trails, 12% run speed is a must
    - if you get zuni boots, might as well try to get a 2nd piece for the 130 int bonus; helm should be cheap and a good upgrade for you
    - try to get shoulders with int, vit, ar, life% to boost your hp a little

    Another good tip is to get chest/pants with a LOT of vit (sacrifice on the int but keep the sockets) so that you can get other pieces with less vit but better dps stats (gloves, bracers, belt)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the input zell, guess i got some shopping to do.

    Think i'll aim for weapon first since it'll prolly be the bigest update, and later on zuni boots and helm, when i get some gold again. But why's runspeed a must? Just for convenience and clearing faster? I mean, it's not i'm kiting or trying to catch up with mobs running away. At least not on MP3/4

    Nice tip with the chest/pants btw, never thought of that.
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    You should decide on a build first before upgrading.
    There is ias/max dps or manareg/zuni imo.
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    Perhaps you're right but i like to change my build from time to time. I always have dog/gar or both tho, which is why i like some life regen on my gear.

    I've used around 12mill so far and got my dps up from 40k to 84k. My HP is lagging abit, got around 37k. I'll post a more thorough update later in hope of further advice.
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