Upgrading my wd in 1.5

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    Hi, i'm looking to upgrade my WD in the new patch, I have around 50-60m to spend.

    Gear is presently on my wizard, link below, it's for eu battle net.


    Thank you.
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    Since I don't know how you plan to play this WD, I'll try and give a more general approach to it:

    To start off, you need more int, vit and life%. In that order. Then, go for IAS, crit chance and crit damage, not exactly in that order, just get whatever is an upgrade in dps.

    Off-hand: Zunimassa, Uhkapian or Thing of the Deep. TotD makes you a Grave Injustice monster, Uhkapin Serpent is straight up damage and Zuni is also very good and other set parts are great to have.

    Main-hand: again, not knowing how you will play I can't recommend mana regen, life on hit or whatever, But there are better weapons on the market for cheap.

    Also, check diabloprogress.com and see what top WDs are doing for further in-depth knowledge on how to build your character.
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