The Shakes

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    A little bit of "real life" lore which is also a bit disturbing: there is a reason the Witch Doctor "shakes" (seen here at, and it is most likely because he is a cannibal, he eats other humanoids.

    The real life term for the degenerative disease is "kuru" and it was documented in a tribe known as the "Fore" in Papua New Guinea throughout the 50's and 60's, and it has been discovered in certain South American peoples as well. Typically, by the time a victim starts showing the tell tale shakes ,seen primarily through trembling hands, overactive blinking, and a pronounced gait while walking, they are doomed to death usually within 1 to 5 years (although there are cases where final death occurs up to 10 years after symptoms are seen). Another symptom of the disease is uncontrollable laughing and difficulty swallowing, which is commonly the final direct cause of death.

    The direct cause of Kuru is when a human consumes an infected protein only found in humans known as "prions". Incubation can occur in as little as a year but in some cases it can extend almost a life time to 30 years.


    Just some interesting information I thought I'd share about our favorite cannibal caster.
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    When comparing Male to Female, the female version doesn't have "The Shakes" which, I've come to like her not having, I understand the whole 'lore/backstory' on the Witch Doctor but I think I like it without all of the shaking.

    Beyond that, played a Male on Beta and then a Female and I just enjoyed the voice of the Female Witch Doctor more then i did the male, those are my two reasons to which I will be rolling a Female Witch Doctor.
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    but doesn't the D3 hero WD from 'doubtwalker', refuse to be a Kareeb? making him, not a canibal. it would be more logical to assume that the WD played in D3, following the teachings of Benu, would also refuse to eat human flesh, as Benu's teachings say it does not grant godlike powers, so being a kareeb, has no benefits.
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    I dont mind having a cannibal wd even though I somehow doubt that he is. You can have several reasons why hes shaking, this is a fictional game after all. Could be because he is high through taking some voodoo drug or hes just experiencing the unformed land, perhaps both.

    Even if he happens to be a cannibal I dont see a problem with that. After all being ritualisticly sacrificed is part of thier culture and no one seems to be against it, actually being sacrificed seems like some sort of goal. If eating parts of the body afterwards also is part of the culture and something the sacrifice wants, then why not. As he is a protagonist in the game it seems unlikely that if he has eaten someone its against thier will.
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    1) Protein cannot be infected. Protein can be infectious. What makes a protein infectious is that it is a beta form protein.
    2) He could have mad cow disease from having eaten the brain of the cow king.
    3) Shaking is a symptom of almost every degenerative neurological disease.
    4) When you use quotes to describe something, it typically means you are using the word in a novel or not completely correct way. For instance, it would not be incorrect to say that prions are "infected" proteins. But it is incorrect to call infected proteins "prions".
    5) I am pretty sure the shaking is a result of "the coolness factor".
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    Quote from Jelun

    2) He could have mad cow disease from having eaten the brain of the cow king.
    3) Shaking is a symptom of almost every degenerative neurological disease.
    5) I am pretty sure the shaking is a result of "the coolness factor".

    While these are very good points I will point out that in popular culture it is not uncommon for characters referred to as "witch doctors", "shaman", and "voodoo doctors" to possess the stereotypical neurological shake. It seems silly to assume they have mad cow disease or Parkinson's Disease when a character raises zombie dogs from the ground.
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    Hehe, never actually reflected over the cannibalism shakes. I just noticed the shakes, checked the female WD and saw her Capoeira flowing stance, and decided I liked that more ^^
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    Deleted. Must find Delete button.
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    Would've been funny if he was able to eat the corpses of his fallen comrades. What's that annoying thing in the Burning Hells that would eat your dead hireling and spit it back at you? I hated that thing v.v
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    ...Or the WD is an alcoholic
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    Or he is just ildy grooving to the rhythm in this head.
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    The "shakes" are the reason i will roll a male doctor, actually. I think it looks cool, and its too bad the female doctor doesn't have something similar, he just looks more interesting standing around. Okay, his warcries when summoning frogs are a bit cooler than hers aswell...
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