A witch doctor build

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    Hey guys what do you think about this build

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    Question1: single player or multyplayer?

    Question2: why obsidian on GotD? Crimson seems a better choice to me since you have also pets and Mass Confusion .

    Your two main offensive skills are both fire based, but you have a touch of physical damage (GotD, pets) and a bit of poison (Gargantuan) so you should be fine against fire resitant monsters.

    Dunno if Spiritual Attunement will suffice for mana regen but I guess it could be a viable choice if you find gear which increase your mana pool and/or regen ratio.
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    I guess will be single player most of the time.As for the GotD you are right.I haven't played the beta yet so i tried to come with balanced build that i will fine tune when i get a beta key or when the game comes out.Thanks for the advice.
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